Brightening Up A Townhouse

25mm and 50mm Venetian Blinds used to great effect. 25mm Venetian Champagne Colour Blinds Matches Bathroom Wall Tiles

In 2009 Fredd worked on this project at Henirich Brussow's townhouse. Work that he is still immensely proud of up to this day and not without reason. 25mm champagne colour Venetian blinds were installed in the bathroom and as you can see in the photo gallery, they match perfectly with the tiles colour scheme.


50mm Mahogany Dark Aluwood Blinds Matches Cupboard Doors

In the rooms, Fredd made excellent use of 50mm aluwood mahogany dark Venetian blinds as they perfectly match the wooden cupboard doors


50mm Aluwood Americal Oak Venetian Blinds

The 50mm Aluwood americal oak Venetian blind covers the wooden door in the living room perfectly and in the wash-up room there is also a perfect example how a 50mm Aluwood Venetian blind should be used on a small window. This one is on the window directly above the wash-up. It looks excellent.  Remember, Aluwood is a wood lookalike, so you get that wooden look. It is perfectly safe as it isn't wood and therefore it is not affected by moisture. 50mm Aluwood Venetian americal oak was thus also effectively used in the kitchen here.