Venetian Blinds Perfect For Home Use

The title of this portfolio job sounds like a horror movie, but the work done was perfect and far from horror status. In fact, this was some of Fredd's best work and shows how things should be done on these types of sliding door blind installations.

This job was done in 2010 and features the use of 25mm aluminum venetian blinds on sliding doors. It was done before Fredd Swart actually officially decided to open Active Blinds, but is part of his portfolio and a job that he can be very proud of.

25mm Venetian Sliding Door Blinds on Sliding Doors Used as a Window

A unique sight can be seen in the photo gallery, as Fredd had to install 25mm Venetian sliding door blinds. So why would that be unique would most say. Well, because the sliding door was upstairs and it is used as a window. Truly a first for Fredd and a good way to start his business.


25mm Venetian Blinds: How to Split Two Blinds Perfectly.

During this job, two door blinds were installed next to each other and were therefore split. This shows how it should be done and how small the gap should be if it is done the right way. You can notice in another photo on the gallery how the spaces between three blinds run parallel with each other. It also shows how you have control over the sunlight in the room.