Roller Blinds For Classroom Windows & Doors

Roller Blinds and 25mm Venetian Blinds Installed on classroom windows and doors.Roller blinds rolled down and blocking out the sun totally on these classroom door and windows at Varsity Kids in Bloemfontein.

An installation done on 14 August 2015 on classroom windows and doors. This was a hard but very satisfying job, but the end product was self-satisfying as the photos will attest to. 25mm Venetian blinds were installed in the office, library, bathrooms, kitchen and canteen and roller blinds in the classrooms.


Roller Blinds on Classroom Windows Blocks Out The Sun

The Roller blinds was installed on 2.4 m windows as well as the doors. The photos clearly shows how perfect these type of blinds are for this type of installation as door blinds and window blinds on classrooms. When they are closed, the blockout blinds totally block out the sun to help the learners to study better. The photos also show the constant effect of a quality commercial blinds installation.


25mm Champagne Colour Venetian Blinds Blends in with Neon Colour Walls

The 25mm Venetian blind champagne perfectly blends with the shocking neon colours of the walls. The 25mm Venetian blinds were installed on the office, library, cantina, bathroom and kitchen windows. A truly professional job and one of many quality blind installations done by Active Blinds since 2010.