Venetian Office Blinds: The Ideal Modern Look

Venetian office blinds enhances the office's modern atmosphere. This installation was done in October 2015 on behalf of Retmill beleggings at offices they own in Barnes Street in Bloemfontein. The beautiful Champagne colour venetian office blinds really enhances the modern look and feel of the office. The glass partitioning between the offices is mainly responsible for this modern atmosphere.


Champagne colour Venetian Blinds matches the colour scheme perfectly

The Champagne Colour #907 is a favorite amongst many of Fredd’s customers, and some new customers even ask for it by the “Champagne” name. See how the use of this colour compliments the wall paint in all the rooms.  Champagne is famous for being a joyful drink.

Likewise, champagne colour can be considered a joyful colour. The office should be a place where the worker feels comfortable to work in. Champagne colour #907 Venetian office blinds is certainly very appealing on the eye and will provide the right atmosphere for any employee to be productive. With the right office furniture, it will certainly be a joy to work in these offices.


Venetian office blinds do an awesome job of controlling sunlight

The blinds in the photos that were taken are all turned to the closed position. It clearly illustrates how well these blinds control the light from the outside. Lights are turned on and we can see that there is just a little amount of natural light filtering through the blinds.

In one of the images where the lights are turned off you can clearly see it. Yet, none of the sunlight actually reflects on a computer or laptop monitor, meaning that you can still be productive without squinting at your screen while you are working.


Covering large office windows with Venetian Blinds

Fredd really did an awesome job covering the four large windows with Venetian commercial blinds. He installed these blinds perfectly inside the aluminium frames. This not only provides a sleeker appearance, but also provides less potential for damage or detachment.Making this installation might seem easy, but it actually takes a lot of skill to get it just right.  With that said, it turned out perfect!