Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate

This job at Woodlands Hills Wildlife Estate featured some excellent work done with 25mm hammered pearl venetian blinds and also the roller blinds alabaster used in the house. The roller blinds alabaster has a total block-out effect when closed since blockout material is used in the creation of this blind.

Although sunlight does come though at the corners, clever use is made of curtains to block the sun if needed. Roller blinds were installed in the living room and the bedrooms.

In the bedrooms there is a perfect example of how the roller blind blend in perfectly with the wall colour. The roller blinds are also totally out of the way when rolled up.


25-mm Venetian Blinds used in the Office

In the office, Active Blinds installed 25-mm aluminium venetian blinds hammered pearl. It fits perfectly and in the one window a charm that was hanged just gave it a more personal touch.