The Manufacturing Process of Wood and Aluminium Blinds

I found a very interesting video that shows exactly what is involved in the manufacturing process of wooden and aluminium blinds. Horizontal Blinds are very popular blinds because of the advantage that you can leave the blind drawn and simply tilt the slats to let in just the amount of light that you want.

Why Wooden and Aluminium Blinds?


Wooden and Aluminium Blinds are some of the main types of horizontal blinds that we install. The video shows the manufacturing process of basswood blinds and explains why basswood is the main choice of wood for most blind manufacturers.

Basswood is the only type of wood used in the wooden blinds that Active Blinds supply. Aluminium blinds are one of our most popular blinds and to see how they are made is also very interesting. The video is very informative and therefore I am sure that our customers will benefit from viewing it.

Man and Machine Combine to Manufacture Wooden and Aluminium Blinds


It is very clear that the input of both man and machine is very important in the manufacturing process. Machines obviously need humans to operate them. Some of the processes like the assembly process of the aluminium blinds are totally automated.

The machine gives the flat aluminium a semi-circular curve, punches holes in the aluminium, cuts the slats and then also assembles the blind by sliding the slats into each rung of the ladder tapes. Other processes involve that humans feed specialized machines that are set up to perform specific tasks, like cutting wood into precise slats that will be used in the blinds. Some machine operated processes still need human input, like the cutting of the headrail where workers have to cut it to the precise size.

Workers also need to make holes in the rail for the cord lock, the device that locks the blind to the desired height and the tilter, the mechanism that angles the slats.

In both the manufacturing of aluminium and wooden blinds there are still processes that can only be done by hand. Staining the wooden blinds is a manual process. Other than the assembly of aluminium blinds which is an automated process, the assembly of the wooden blinds are done by hand.

Fitting the tilter and cord lock on the headrail of the aluminium blind is also done manually. Workers then fit the tape rolls through which the ladder tapes are run. They cut the appropriate colour and length of blind cord and then thread it through the cord lock. The tilter turns a rod, which turns the tape roll, which tilts the ladder tapes angling the slats.

So check out this very interesting video:

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