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Active Blinds

At Active Blinds we provide quality blinds for both residential and commercial use. With 10 years of experience in the blinds industry in Bloemfontein you can rest assure that not only do we provide blinds of high quality, but we also offer installation services on our all blinds.

We offer a variety of blinds that ranges from the common Venetian blind to wooden, printed, roller and even vertical blinds.

When you truly think about it, blinds can be found in everyday life :-)

Venetian Blinds By Active Blinds BloemfonteinWe are truly passionate about the products and services we provide and we don't mean just the blinds and the installation services we provide.

We'll show you how a blind can transform any room to a stylish and extremely versatile design. Blinds, when done professionally, can easily compliment any room (whether it being a blind in the kitchen, lounge area, bathroom or even the bedroom).

Give Fredd a call today 079 049 3884 and you'll never look at blinds the same way again. Never underestimate the value and practicability blinds can offer you in your home or at your office.


Venetian Blinds For Residential/Home Use In Bloemfontein

Venetian Blinds

Active Blinds can fit your Venetian Blinds to your exact specifications and ensure you the privacy you need. There is an extensive range of aluminium venetian blinds to choose from with slat width that vary from 25 mm, 35 mm and 50 mm. It seems that the 25 mm and 50 mm is the most popular though. Read more




Roller Blinds For Residential/Home Use In Bloemfontein

Roller Blinds

At Active Blinds, we offer you simple fabric roller blinds that are neat, functional, practical and low maintenance.This is precisely what we talked about when we described the advantages of roller blinds. So it is clear that our roller blinds will provide perfectly for those that need such an application. Read more



Printed Blinds For Residential/Home Use In Bloemfontein

Printed Blinds

This type of window covering provides you the chance to really personalize your room. There are so many possibilities. How about waking up every morning and looking at the beach or the beautiful trees and country side. Read more



Wooden Blinds For Residential/Home Use In Bloemfontein

Wooden Blinds

There are six natural tones of wooden venetian blinds that we offer namely natural, golden oak, maple, cherry, charcoal and mahogany. At Active Blinds, we can help you personalize any window in your home by using 50mm basswood wooden blinds whilst controlling light perfectly. Read more



Vertical Blinds For Residential/Home Use In Bloemfontein

Vertical Blinds

At Active Blinds, we can now offer you vertical blinds that are unrivaled. Fresh new designs and selections are available. There is a wide range of colours to choose from, but the main benefit of our blinds is the low maintenance it requires. Read more