Roller Blinds

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What is a Roller Blind?

A roller blind can defined as a square piece of fabric attached to an aluminium rolled tube, finished with a chain pulley system that rolls the fabric up or down the tube, enabling you to set the fabric to your desired level in the window area.


An Attractive Addition to Any Room

Roller blinds have been popular since the 1970s and the modern types provide an attractive addition to any room while providing flexibility, ease of operation, and durability. They are the most common type of window blinds and often the first choice for homes.



Benefits of Roller Blinds


Easy To Install

These blinds are easy to install, making them an easy and trendy way to take control of the light levels in any room in the home.


Aesthetically pleasing

This Roller Blind Alabaster is closed. Notice how the color perfectly blends in with the walls.People that have an eye for aesthetic beauty often look at your window treatment and it would be a great idea to switch from those curtains or drapes that you had for a long time to roller blinds. It can actually improve the look and feel of your rooms.

Roller blinders generally give a new trendy, stylish look to enhance the aesthetic beauty of your house. They offer clean, simple lines that are flush to the window or wall where they are mounted. Unlike traditional window coverings, these blinds eliminate excess fabric and thereby contribute to a modern aesthetic. Because of their simplicity, they fit closely to the window so they blend easily into any room’s décor.


Available in a Wide Range of Colours and Fabrics

Translucent, sun-screening and even blockout fabrics are available and they come in a wide range of colours. This wide range of colours, make it possible to fit the blinds in with your existing colour scheme or just create a colourful feature in your window space.

The hundreds of patterns and colours make it easy to find the right style for your room. Performance fabrics are available for moisture resistance, solar protection, thermal protection, block-out, fire retardant, and much more.


Versatility of Roller Blinds

The versatility of colours, patterns, and fabrics mean that roller blinds can also be chosen to match the existing design of a room. Interior Designers are provided with a high degree of creativity and are spoiled for choice. They are usually made to enhance other interior decorations and to perfectly match other sections of the house like the kitchens and bathrooms.

These days it often happens that interior decorators recommend roller blinds to be installed instead of drapes in many new built or refurbished interior designs of houses. Rollers can be fitted in any window; including conservatory roofs, skylight windows, wet room and literally any window.


Flexibility of Roller Blinds

These types of blinds are suitable for almost any room because of the wide range of materials and fabrics that they are made of. They can be easily installed in kitchens, bathrooms, living-areas and in kiddie rooms. There are also double rollers (dual rollers) available.

These are rollers that are installed on the same mount. You may for instance want complete control in the room over the amount of sunlight. A way to do this is by installing dual sun-screening and block-out blinds. The sunscreen blinds will allow light to pass through while blocking glare and UV rays, while blockout blinds will block out the sun completely


Ease of Operation and Durability

Home and office owners often choose roller blinds, because they are simple to operate and durable. They come in a range of operating systems from spring assisted, chain drive or motorized. The motorized roller blinds can be controlled from a centralized location. They open and close easily and are very durable. They are made of strong steel tubes and high quality fabrics.


Easy to Maintain and Clean

Roller blinds are low in maintenance.



Types of Fabrics used in Roller Blinds


Block-out Fabrics

Notice how this roller blind covers the windows and doors of this classroom to create a blockout effect for learners to study better.This type of material is ideal for use in bedrooms and home cinema or TV areas as it blocks out the sun completely and reduce heat. Block-out material give you privacy and protect furniture and flooring from the effects of the sun like fading and bleaching


Sunscreen Fabric

It gently filters the light into your room while reflecting heat and glare. Ideal for living areas where these fabrics reduce light, offer heat reduction and glare control while maintaining the view.


Transparent / Translucent (privacy) fabric

Allows light into your room. Translucent fabric is ideal where both privacy and light are desired, but no view is required. Transparent fabric is also ideal when light is required, but also offers limited view through it.



At Active Blinds We Offer the Best of Roller Blinds


We Provide Simple Fabric Roller Blinds

Our roller blind is neat, functional, practical and low maintenance. This is precisely what we talked about when we described the advantages of roller blinds. It is clear that it will provide perfectly for those that need such an application. The fabric and patterned roller blinds that we provide are also uncluttered fittings that are more economical than curtains.


Roller Blinds to Install in Any Room

Roller blinds are no longer only used in kitchens and bathrooms. Due to the large amount of different quality fabrics and colours they are now used in any room, both in offices and homes.

Different type of fabrics makes it possible to dim-out or blackout rooms. The customer can now decide on the extent of their privacy by choosing the correct roller blind, colour and fabric for their specific need. Some of the fabrics used are sheers or voiles, which are modern alternatives to nets or where there is minimal need for privacy.

At Active blinds Bloemfontein we are supplied with quality roller blinds that use superior components in their operation system. This makes it easy to position the blind at the desired position on the window.


Custom Made Roller Blinds

Our roller blinds are made to measure and can be custom made to your liking. The blinds are made to perform various functions simultaneously. Such as, to protect against the effects of the sun, provide the necessary privacy, provide insulation, enhance and compliment the look of any room.


Roller Blinds to Improve Your Aesthetics

Our Roller blinds are manufactured to improve the aesthetics of your room or office.


Double Rollers

Double rollers are also available in a wide range of colours.


Outdoor Roller Blinds

Outdoor roller blinds are a great solution for patios, veranda and outdoor decks.


Brand New Roller Blind Ranges to check out


his Shearweave range Roller Blind on a sliding door creates a one way view.

Shearweave Roller Blinds

Shearweave fabrics have become extremely popular in South Africa in both home and commercial settings. Our Shearweave range of Roller Blinds provide great light control in rooms and on windows where it is needed whilst providing full visibility externally during the day. The blinds come in awide array of colours, patterns, styles and features.


Zebra Roller Blinds

Zebra blinds combine light filtering and blockout fabrics in one. The Zebra Roller blind provides you the opportunity to to completely control the light coming into your home. It gives you a window covering that provides visibility and a subtle light during the day and the option of complete privacy at night.