Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Fabric Vertical Blinds:
an Economical Option for Office and Home

Fabric vertical blinds are another window covering that Active Blinds specialize in. This type of window blind is a very economical type of blind for home and office.

The best of both worlds and also the in- betweens

A vertical window blind provide many advantages and they make an excellent window covering for large-opening windows. They also provides a balance of light, privacy and style. The vertical slats allow the blinds to cover large windows and sliding doors, parting left, right or splitting evenly to either side.

You are able to control the light, but still maintain a perfect view. When the blinds slats are tilted they allow light to enter, they can open up the view and at the same time offer a degree of privacy.

Fabric Vertical Blinds: A versatile product

A Vertical blind close and slid to fill the whole sliding doorThis is a very versatile type of product. Using the right colours can have a huge impact on the look and feel of a room compared to using curtains. They can either provide a subtle backdrop to the room or be the focal point of your room by using vibrant colours.

Besides the colours, vertical blinds also show their versatility in that they can be fitted to all windows. They are perfect for bays and sloping windows. They also work fantastic on French doors and patios.


Gone are the Days of Dirty Fabric Blinds

At Active Blinds, we can now offer you vertical blinds that are unrivaled. Fresh new designs and selections are available. There is a wide range of colours to choose from, but the main benefit of our blinds is the low maintenance it requires.

Removable slats are available in wipe either clean or washable fabrics. So gone are the days of battling to clean dirty blinds! Active Blinds are providing a cheaper, practical and easy to clean option that is tailor made for corporate institutions. Check out our projects page to see how these blinds create an interesting, soft, layered look in conjunction with Another quality fabric Vertical blind installation by Active Blindsmore traditional furniture and curtains.


Custom Vertical Blinds

The fabric vertical blinds are also customizable and made according to your specific needs. We have a wide variety of different fabric styles and patterns available to suit any room.

It is hassle free for us to create a custom made vertical blind and with our help you are guaranteed that your headaches of finding the right covering for your office or home window are finally gone. Just let those dull windows be a thing of the past and turn your windows into the focal point of your room.