127 mm Vertical Blinds

A 127mm vertical blind slided to cover the sliding door and turned in the closed position.At Active blinds we supply quality 127mm vertical blinds that are practical , durable and easy to clean.


Vertical Blinds protect your furniture

Constant sunlight on your furniture will definitely damage it. The suns radiation will damage its components. By using vertical blinds you can prevent this radiation from damaging your furniture.


Vertical Blinds protect Your Skin

Vertical Blinds can even protect your health. As we all know natural light contains UV. Using a vertical blind you can block too much UV radiation from entering your house and protect your skin, eyes and other parts of your body that come in contact with the UV.


Fabric Venetian Blinds are Cost Effective

Protection against the sun will make your house cool and will help you save on your electricity bill by avoiding the use of air conditioners. Vertical blinds with blockout material can do this for you. In the winter the heat escapes through the windows and here vertical blinds can assist you by keeping the heat in the house, thus avoiding the excessive use of heaters.


Our 127mm Fabric Vertical Blinds are Affordable

Buying fabric material blinds like vertical blinds will also be very cost effective since you can still buy a elegant product, but at a more affordable price.

At Active blinds our 127mm fabric vertical blinds are an affordable option to create appeal and make your windows beautiful. Our 127 mm vertical blinds will provide you control over sunlight and also provide you some sense of privacy. For 100% privacy you might consider our Roller blinds.


127mm Vertical Blinds will Compliment your Furniture and Decor

By letting us install one of our beautiful range of 127mm vertical blinds you will also get the chance to add class and glamour to your existing home decor.

Again we have many examples where 127 mm vertical blinds were installed that perfectly complimented the rooms colour scheme or became the star attraction in the room. The great thing is that you can do it at a much less expensive price than that of the other types of blinds. Because of this, vertical blinds have become a very popular option in homes

Paying less does not mean that you have to settle for sub-standard product. As with all our other product we sell only the best 127mm vertical blinds. The vanes on our vertical blinds will not just break or the head-rail stop operating, as often happens with other cheap brands.


127mm Vertical Blinds not Boring

So there are many people that think that all vertical blinds are actually boring. The fact is that this is far from the truth. 127mm vertical blinds actually come in a wide range of really stunning colours and this can help to make it match nearly any colour scheme in a room. These spontaneous colours can actually change the aura of a room.


127mm Vertical Blinds: Perfect for Large Windows and Patio Doors

So why do you have to look for meters of drapes when you can buy a 127mm vertical blind to cover your sliding door or patio door. Sliding doors and very large expansive doors can be very hard to cover. Although perfect for these types of large windows and doors we have plenty of examples where 127mm vertical blinds were used on small wash-up areas and even bathroom windows.

There is even an example where a 127mm vertical blind was used as a room divider. Real awesome stuff! Working with his clients the possibilities with Fredd is a thousandfold and Active blinds always seek to bring the best for their clients within their budget.


127mm Vertical Blinds Actually Easy to Clean

Clients say that they find these type of blinds easy to clean. Having vertical slats certainly suggests that dust and all extra particles are kept at bay. However, once the vertical blinds get dirty, it may become a little hard to clean them. Either way, these slats can be easily detached making it less problematic to clean. Please check out our Tips & News page.

Slats can be Replaced Easily

Whenever slats get damaged on our 127mm vertical blind, they can easily be detached and replaced with a new one.


127mm Vertical Blinds: Complete Control Over Sunlight

127mm vertical blinds provides you with complete control of how much sunlight gets into the house. You can completely cover the window or only partially. Using a chain tilt and a cord draw, controlling these slats becomes easy so as to make sure that light enters just as you want it to.

You can open the slats or close them, thereby controlling the amount of sunlight that enters the room. By using block-out material in the 127mm vertical blind you can almost completely block out the sun from a room.


The Versatility of Our 127 mm Vertical Blinds

The versatility of our vertical blinds is another selling point. Not only can you move the blinds completely out of the way, you can also simply tilt the vanes open and closed to allow as much light or view as you wish. Not every patio door shade or window shade offers that much versatility for the same price.