90 mm Vertical Blinds

Is 90mm Vertical Blinds the right option for your needs?

At Active Blind we can install quality 90mm vertical blinds should you decide that this is the right option for you. It can be a great window treatment to install, but you have to decide if this is the right option for your particular needs. There are many advantages, but also one or two disadvantages in installing vertical blinds.

Whatever you should decide the fact is that our 90mm vertical blinds are some of the best on the market. They are practical , durable and easy to clean. There are many types of vertical blinds in the market, such as metal, wooden, PVC or translucent , but we deal mainly in quality fabric vertical blinds.


Best Windows to install your 90mm Vertical Blinds on

Vertical blinds work particularly well for large glass windows and sliding doors. They became prevalent in the 1960’s when big sliding glass doors were increasingly installed in many homes.

Since then they have continued to be a top choice for those seeing for a simple, sleek and good-looking way to cover large floor-to-ceiling panes of glass. There are examples though where this type of blind can also be used effectively on small windows as well.


Vertical Blinds: Privacy and sunlight control

Our 90mm vertical blinds as with all our other vertical blinds are a great option for both privacy and sunlight control. You can check out our portfolio page at Von Bonde Street Project to see how a vertical blind can control the sunlight in a room. In that case 127mm vertical blinds were used, but the same will apply for 90mm verticals.

Besides being able to open and close the slats of the vertical blind, it can also be slid from side to side, which either let in more natural light or totally closes the room from the outside for full privacy. The use of blockout material in our 90mm vertical blinds can furthermore ensure that the blinds cannot be seen through and will block-out the sun totally.


A Wide array of Colours

Many believe that all types of blinds are actually boring which is of course a totally uninformed misconception. 90mm Vertical blinds actually come in a wide range of really interesting and bright colours and this can assist home interior decorators to make it match to nearly any colour scheme in a room.

It has the potential to be the star attraction in the room if the matching with other decor is done correctly. These spontaneous colours can actually change the aura of a room and make them versatile window treatments.


Vertical Blinds Protect Your Furniture

Constant sunlight on your furniture will definitely damage it. Sunlight can fade wooden furniture. Vertical blinds will prevent damage to your furniture.


Vertical Blinds protect Your Health

Vertical blinds can even protect your health. As we all know natural light contains UV . By using a 90 or 127 Vertical blind you can block-out too much UV radiation from entering your house and protect your skin, eyes and other parts of your body that come in contact with the UV.

It means less headaches and sore eyes. Our 90mm vertical blinds will also reduce the glare on your TV in your living or TV room.


90mm Fabric Vertical Blinds for a Softer Feel

For a softer feel, some homeowners are attracted to the looks of fabric vertical blinds. This feature also makes it a hit with home decorators which sometimes need to make subtle matches.


Advantages of using Fabric Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds made from fabrics offer a range of qualities as well as decor and colour options. Low cost stitch-bonded fabrics make vertical blinds more affordable.

However, for a small increase in price, gorgeous woven fabrics can make for stunning vertical blinds, which decorate and complement a space. It is typically worth the extra minimal cost to go for the nicer woven fabrics, and take the advantages that woven vertical fabric blinds provide.


Can be Cleaned Easily by Vacuum.

It must firstly be said that a major advantage of vertical blinds is that they usually do not get dusty or dirty, because dust simply falls between them. Customers say that these type of blinds clean easily.

The 90mm vertical fabric blinds can easily be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, but larger stains and damage can be tougher to deal with. Either way, these slats can be easily detached making it less problematic to work on them. Please check out our Blinds Tips & News page for regular tips and advice on how to clean your blinds.


Saving Money with our 90mm Fabric Vertical Blinds

Did you know that you can actually save money in more than one way by letting us install a 90mm fabric vertical blind? The sun gets magnified when going through the glass of the window and in the summer months especially in our part of the world where it gets extremely hot, it can really damage your furniture like sofas, chairs and upholstery.

Our 127mm and 90mm vertical blinds can divert, reduce and even block-out the sun completely. The vertical blinds can save you money by actually protecting your furniture from this direct sunlight and saving you money to replace or repair them.

Other money saving during summer is by letting the heat index drop in your room, thus saving you money on air conditioning cost. It is said to save you up to 20% in this way. During the winter it can also save you costs. By covering your window with our quality strong fabric 90mm vertical blinds less heat will escape the room and thus you will save on the costs of using more heaters.


90mm Fabric Vertical Blinds is a Affordable Option

The installation of our 90mm fabric vertical blinds on your windows or sliding door is an opportunity for you to get a beautiful product at a less expensive price. Our 90mm vertical blinds are an affordable option to decorate your windows and complement your room. Besides it being beautiful, you also get the functionality of control over sunlight and privacy. If you need even greater privacy you could opt for our roller blinds.


A Versatile Option

Our 90mm vertical blinds are a very versatile option to install. Besides being able to open and close the slats to allow as much sunlight into the room as needed, the blinds can neatly move out of the way so that a clear and unobstructed view can be obtained. At this price, there is no other door or window shade that can provide this versatility.


90mm Vertical Blinds : The Perfect Complement To Your Existing Decor

By letting us install our 90mm vertical blinds in your home, you will get the opportunity to add class and glamour to your current home decor. We can help you to fit your 90mm vertical blinds to complement your existing colour scheme and home decor.

Let your window become the star attraction of the room by choosing one of our stunning bright colours or one of the lighter ones to perfectly blend in with your classic decor. The awesome part is that you can do it at a much less expensive price than with some of the other types of blinds. Because of this vertical blinds have become a very popular option in homes.

Paying less does not mean that you have to settle for sub-standard product.
Just like all other product, we only sell the best 90mm vertical blinds. The slats on our vertical blinds won’t just break like other cheap brands or the headrail stop operating.


Slats can be replaced easily

Whenever slats are damaged on our 90mm vertical blind they can be easily detached and replaced with a new one. They can also easily detach to clean them.