Wooden Blinds

What is a Wooden Blind?

A Wooden venetian blind that is closed and blends in with the decor.Wooden blinds are a type of window treatment or window covering made from various types of wood cut into slats. Either horizontal or vertical slats are used. Pull cords or tilt wands are used to control the movable slats. As the tilts and the cords are used, the direction or tilt of the slats will determine how much you can see through the blind and the privacy created. They have no holes, but notches that hold them together and the notches don’t let in light that makes these blinds more private.

There are quite a few types of wood that you can choose from like American basswood, oak, pine, cherry maple and poplar. There are also different types of cord designs available. Routless blinds use a headrail and lifting system that makes the cords less visible.

These blinds also come in a variety of finishes (from painted to most types of solid oak varieties) and sizes. The sizes of the slats are usually in three sizes namely 25mm, 35mm and 50mm. Wood Blinds are also available in vertical blinds although we at Active blinds do not actually deal with this version.



Advantages of Wooden Blinds

Provides a Wide Range of Finishes

Wooden blinds are made of real wood and therefore they can be stained or even painted to produce a very wide range of finished appearances. It is possible to use different finishes like painted, slightly varnished or stained which highlights the grain of the wood beautifully. By applying a natural stain to the surface of the blind, it helps to accent the natural grain of the wood. Even when painted, the additional thickness works well with everything from cornice boards to gathered panels.


Provides Texture and Warmth

Blinds that are manufatured from wood provide more texture to a room than even the highest quality plastic blinds. Many consider natural wood blinds to offer the greatest degree of warmth in the appearance of the window treatment.


Privacy of Wooden Blinds

Using Basswood blinds will provide you with even more privacy. Plastic and other types of Venetian blinds minimize the ability to see the interior from the outside, but some of the blinds are so thin that it is possible to see outlines op people or furnishings from the outside.

Blinds made from wood are thicker than plastic or vinyl so therefore the view is completely blocked. Anybody inside the room can thus enjoy complete privacy. Although they are thicker, they are lighter than the other types of blinds like faux woods that are often used as substitutes.


Beauty and Versatility of Wooden Blinds

The main advantage of wooden blinds is that it is a window treatment with natural grain beauty. Many types of of wood are used to produce these blinds so it makes it versatile and able to blend in with any décor in the room. It can easily blend in with modern, contemporary, Victorian, Edwardian or country style.

It is possible to use different finishes like painted, slightly varnished or stained which beautifully brings out the grain of the wood. There are different sizes of slats available like 25mm, 35mm or 50 mm. This ensures that the blinds are also compatible with the style of window and fitting in with the décor. The range of designs helps the blinds to fit in with a variety of window fashions.


Ease of Maintenance of Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are actually easier to clean than fabric or even aluminium Venetian blinds. Some blinds need to be taken down to clean, but wood blinds don’t have to be taken down. To clean them you just need to dust them from top to bottom, then close them, and dust them again. You can use a damp cloth every six months or so and leave them to dry. This means that the blinds always look fresh even if it has been in place for a long time. A Swiffer duster or dust cloth rather than a feather duster is recommended for cleaning.

You can also use a vacuum cleaner and its brush attachment. It is also said that the use of a fabric softener sheet causes the slats to actually repel the dust. Most manufacturers recommend against the use of furniture wax or any type of cleaning solution on wood blinds.


Able to Use Wooden Blinds Again When Redecorating

Should you decide to change the décor of your room, you do not always need to replace your blinds. Simply re-staining or painting the slats can alter the appearance.


Durability of Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are definitely not the cheapest blind option on the market today, but they will last many years with minimum care.


Wooden Blinds an Investment

In the eyes of most homeowners, the installation of blind made from wood is seen as an investment and not an expense. The reason for this is that it is perceived to add value to your home.



At Active Blinds We Provide the Best of Wooden Blinds

Classic Feel of Our Wooden Venetian Blinds

Installing a wooden Venetian blind is an opportunity to bring a natural classic feel to either your home or office. Wooden Venetian blinds make any room look more spacious and improve the look of the window. Our manufacturer supplies us with basswood, which is the wood of choice in the manufacture of wooden blinds.


The Superior Quality of our Wooden Blinds

The qualities of our wooden 5o mm Basswood Venetian blinds are even further enhanced with aluminium in the Head & Bottom rails. The lifespan is significantly increased when the wooden blinds are installed in moist conditions. It eliminates the corrosive effects of both a normal and coastal climate.

The slats in the are made from 100% wooden material and the quality of the timber is first class to ensure a longer lifespan. These blinds are rigid and able to withstand contact with cleaning chemicals due to its glossy finish. Due to the glossy finish of the wooden blinds that we market, it can easily withstand cleaning substances.


Basswood Wooden Blinds in Six Natural Tones

Two Basswood dark mahogany colour blinds blends in with bedding and wooden flooring of this bedroom in Bayswater Bloemfontein.Two Basswood dark mahogany colour blinds blends in with bedding and wooden flooring of this bedroom in Bayswater Bloemfontein

There are six natural tones of wooden Venetian blinds that we offer namely natural, golden oak, maple, cherry, charcoal and mahogany. At Active Blinds, we can help you personalize any window in your home by using 50mm basswood wooden blinds whilst controlling light perfectly. We will help you choose the right colours to match your floors, furniture, cupboards or any other décor that you have in the room. There are darker colours and lighter colours available. You are in control of your made to measure blinds and we can customize your blind installation for you.


We Supply 50mm Quality Wooden Basswood Blinds

Our supplier supplies us with their 50mm basswood and “classic Range” of 50mm basswood blinds and we can provide you very competitive prices for the installation of wooden Venetian basswood blinds. You can also be sure of professional service whilst knowing that you are also getting the best product out there. We install super Basswood blinds in Bloemfontein so feel free to Contact us or request a quotation.