50 mm Basswood Blinds

50mm Wooden Blinds: Made from the Finest Basswood

The light filters through the 50mm basswood Venetian blind that is open. This picture really shows the quality of the product that we can provide.Wood blinds are recognized as being the most beautiful wood coverings. At Active blinds we are supplied with basswood wooden blinds. These blinds are made from the finest quality basswood. These true wood products provide a variation of colour, grain texture and warping depending on the environment where the forests are grown and even the section of the tree where the wood is taken. These are all natural wood characteristics.


We install 50mm Basswood Venetian Blinds

We install only 50mm basswood wooden blinds at Active Blinds. This is an expensive type of blind, but with a quality, that is the best.


50mm Basswood Blinds: Natural Feel and Look

50mm basswood Venetian wooden blinds provide a natural look and feel to any room whether it be your office or at home. It provides a warmth and elegance that just cannot be beaten by any other type of blind.


Not for Use in Bathrooms and Kitchens

We will never install 50mm basswood Venetian blinds in kitchens or bathrooms , because wooden blinds are effected by moist conditions. We do however have a handy replacement in these areas that looks like wood, but is not affected by these moist conditions.

Check out our 50mm Plaswood range of Venetian blinds. The aluminium head and bottom rails that we use in all our 50mm basswood products ensures that the lifespan of the blinds are increased. It eliminates the corrosive effects of normal & coastal climates.


A range of natural shades, textures and grains

We can provide you with a wide array of natural shades, textures and grains of 50mm basswood Venetian blinds. It will give you the opportunity to transform any area in your house with our range of basswood blinds.

Our 50mm basswood Venetian collection includes six natural wood tones these include, natural, golden oak, maple, cherry, charcoal and mahogany. Besides the normal 50mm basswood, you can also check out the classic range that our supplier provides at even more affordable prices. Contact us today for a quote.


Custom Made 50mm Basswood Venetian Blinds

The light filters through the 50mm basswood Venetian blind that is open. This picture really shows the quality of the product that we can provide.Our 50mm basswood Venetian blinds are made-to-measure and we can custom make your 50mm basswood blinds to fit any shape and size of window in your home.

What you can do is to measure your window size and enter your window dimensions on our 'get a quote' form. We have a special table on this page for this purpose. Also read the instructions on our FAQ page on how to measure your blinds.


Advantages of Venetian Basswood Blinds

It is true that Basswood Blinds are expensive but they provide many advantages.


Basswood Blinds an Eco Friendly option

Basswood is a wooden product that is sourced from sustainable forests and is therefore more eco-friendly than products like plastic, metal and other synthetic products. The other products needs more work and processing and can therefore harm the environment more.

Wooden blinds like basswood also retain heat in winter times and expel heat better in summer than metal, plastic and other products. This means that electric appliances like fans, aircons and heaters may to be used less.


Maintenance easy on 50mm basswood blinds

Other types of blinds are high in maintenance as they have to be removed to clean whilst you only have to use a damp cloth on basswood or dust it. Due to the glossy finish of our basswood blinds they are able to withstand the use of chemicals though we do not recommend excess use of chemicals. Ease of cleaning is improved due to the fact that slats are thicker and easier to access.


Greater Privacy due To Thicker Slats

The thicker slats of our 50 mm Venetian blinds are also a great advantage when it comes to privacy. Sometimes the metal and plastic blinds are so thin that gaps appear even when they are closed. This means that you can still see the outlines of people and furniture from the outside. If it is possible to see in from the outside, it can also affect your security as it makes it easy for criminals to see in.


50mm Basswood Venetian Blinds: A Beautiful Addition to Your Home

Besides all its numerous advantages, it is simply very beautiful. As stated earlier it provides a warm and luxurious feel and an elegance you cannot get with any other blinds.


Basswood Blinds can be Customized

With 50mm basswood Venetian blinds you are able to select the unique colour or grain to suit your personal taste and home décor. The great thing is that even if you don't find an exact fit you can stain and paint your basswood to accomplish the precise look you are looking for.