The HUMBLE 25mm Venetian Blind

Blinds can make the difference you deserve without even knowing it. Did you know that the 25mm Venetian Blinds Range has the widest colour range of any other blinds product out there and it is also the most affordable blinds you can possibly get.

It can also change the look and feel of any room, office space or even an entire house or building. We have all seen them in their abused state where all the vanes are bend out of shape, they are dirty or just not working properly anymore. I can tell you that it is all true! Shocked right?

The Famous Venetian Blind

Well, where the difference comes in, is with the quality! There are only two different quality types in the world. More than likely the ones that you have seen that are in a damaged state are the lesser quality 25mm Venetian Blinds that you can buy of the shelf at almost any chain store like Game, Makro, Builders Warehouse, Sheetstreet etc.

These blinds are made of weak and cheap materials and even though they may look the same when installed, they most certainly are not! For starters, their vanes are only "16 microns" thick making them flimsy and paper thin. The Head and Bottom Rail is also made of "tin", just a few microns thicker than a can of cool drink. On top of it all, there is no way to repair these blinds. No material or parts available ... NONE! Which means that you will have to REPLACE your blind every time it is damaged instead of only repairing the part or vanes that needs it.

Now for the QUALITY differences compared to the ones we have just spoken about. These 25mm Venetian Blinds are really made with only the best materials for one purpose only. TO LAST A VERY LONG TIME !!!

For starters, they come with a matching head and bottom rail and are of "24 microns" thickness, 75% THICKER which is stronger than the Chain Store cheap of the shelf 16 microns making them more resistant and the superior quality product that you wanted and deserved in the first place! The Head and Bottom Rail is made of A-Grade Aluminium with a 1mm Thickness that makes it strong enough to host all the parts and components needed to operate the blind, even up to a width of 6 metres! ALL PARTS and COMPONENTS are replaceable! So, what you get is a Blind that not only looks great and presents itself well but a QUALITY product that will last you a VERY LONG TIME and will still look and work perfectly after years of use.

We at Active Blinds ONLY USE THE QUALITY VERSION and have done THOUSANDS of installations over the course of 10 YEARS and the 25mm Venetian Blinds are hands down our most affordable and longest lasting Blinds that has covered many a window and sliding doors in any situation!


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